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Trial tips for lawyers

Being a good trial lawyer means much more than just getting good results for your clients. In my opinion it also means that you try your case in a fashion that respects the concepts of justice, fairness and due process. Good trial lawyers make sure their clients’ right to a fair trial is always protected.

Being a good trial lawyer is much more than using a checklist or knowing what questions to ask a witness. You see, it’s about being prepared. It’s about knowing the facts of your case inside and out and genuinely – and I’m talking about genuinely from your heart – caring for your client. It’s about being your unique self and being honest with yourself and honest with others. It’s all about being an ethical litigator and a skilled story-teller.

Good trial lawyers understand that you need an California Employer Defense before they can ask for and then get the verdict that their client is looking for they must first understand who they are and even more important, who the client is. They must fully appreciate what really happened and the client’s cause, loss or defense. They must also understand who is sitting in the jury box and the people or company their case is against.

By being genuine, real, sincere and believing with their heart and soul in their client’s cause, a good trial attorney can talk to prospective jurors and select a jury that will eventually understand why they are in court and what they will need to do once all the evidence is presented. By being prepared and knowing the facts inside and out, a good trial lawyer will walk his or her talk with the jury and earn their trust and confidence. It will allow you to guide your jury through the entire trial process.

Friends, the art of properly trying a case has very little to do with what questions you ask. Too many lawyers are spending too much time reading notes and using checklists to get through their day of trial. That’s not the way to win a case. It’s all about being unique, it’s all about being real and honest with your jury. It’s about being prepared and being someone who truly believes in his or her client’s case with a LA Employer Attorney.


It’s about leaving your notes on the council table, standing up and walking over to the lectern and engaging your witnesses and talking to your jury while speaking from your heart. It’s about being real. It’s about being true to yourself, it’s about being true to your client, it’s about being true to your jury. It’s all about connecting. It’s about trust, it’s about believing in your client’s case and the entire jury process. It’s about being a leader in court. It’s about taking your jury’s hand and leading them through your trial process.

I think it’s important for those of us who have had some success in court to share our knowledge with others. So I guess the purpose of this site is to allow me to share in some small way more than a quarter century of knowledge coming from the stakes that I’ve made, successes that I’ve had in trial, experiences that my clients have had and trying almost every type of case you can imagine.

The purpose of this site is to show other trial lawyers that to be the best you must care about your client and speak from the heart. You must share the theme and facts of your case with your jury in the form of a meaningful story. Only after doing so will you own the court room and have great Los Angeles Employer Defense Lawyers.

Now I’ll leave you with this short quote found in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to Tom Paine in 1789. And it’s one of my favorite quotes, it goes like this: “trial by jury is the only anchor ever yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” Powerful words by Mr. Jefferson if you really think about it. You know these words continue to be true today. What a powerful instrument to help guarantee fairness and due process. It’s truly amazing when you think about it, the jury trial process. But you’ve got to go about it right.

My friends, I hope you find this information useful and you put these tools and approaches to use to help your clients in your next trial. In fact I hope you find this information so useful that you share it with other trial lawyers in your life.